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Associations have started practicing their chosen activity and the beneficts are expected in 3-5 months time.

After getting trained on the planning and management of associations’ projects, each association beneficiary of Tany Maitso has put the acquired knowledge in practice.

The chosen activity is different from one association to another. Most associations have opted the farming of pig, chicken or fish.  The pig breeding is more favored in Ranomafana and Tolongoina area whereas in Farafangana chicken farming is more popular.  This preference on pig breeding according to associations’ members is due of several reasons: technique is already known, the products marketing is still large and they can be sold in the local market or the benefits are reconed to be satisfying.  For chicken farming, the reasons are almost the same as for pig breeding and in addition it does not recuire a big amount of cash for starting.

Sikojen kasvatusta Iladitrassa

Pig breeding in Iladitra, Tolongoina

Besides the farming, other activities were chosen by the association such as mat making, rice selling, and garlic planting.

At the beginning, the sources of revenue are limited to the money collected from the vegetables gardening products, the contribution of each member and from the small remunerative activity. Starting in June 2013, the creation of income generating activity has been developed.  This is one of the milestones to achieve the long term objective and the autonomy of the associations.


Fish farming at Iharananina

50% of the budget for starting a project was contributed by the association themselves and the rest was supported by Tany Maitso.  This system of supporting brought more encouragement to the beneficiaries and it increased their motivation as they can chose the activity they wished to do. So far, each activity is running  and managed well by the members.  For instance, the decision concerning the management of the business is mainly taken during the meetings of the association and the responsibility is well shared.

Depending on the activity, the benefit will be gained after three to five months after the activities’ have started. Some of the associations already have a plan to start another new activity, some envisaged to develop the existing ones.

– Haingotiana and Chantal, project coordinators in Antananarivo

Kyläyhdistysten omat projektit etenevät lupaavasti

Tany Maitson kyläyhdistysten valitsemat uudet projektit ovat lähteneet liikkeelle lupaavasti. Suunnittelutyö alkoi viime vuoden lopulla ja nyt on edetty projektien toteutusvaiheeseen. Suurin osa hankkeista on sian, kanojen tai kalojen kasvatusta. Lisäksi yhdistyksillä on muitakin uusia toimintoja, kuten mattojen teko, riisin myynti tai valkosipulin kasvatus.

Projektien tarkoituksena on opetella uusia elinkeinoja ja vahvistaa kyläyhteisöjen itsenäisyyttä. Ensimmäiset tuotokset saadaan kolmesta viiten kuukauteen toiminnan aloittamisen jälkeen ja osa yhdistyksistä suunnittelee jo projekteilleen jatkoa. Puolet projektien rahoituksesta tulee kyläyhdistyksiltä ja loput Tany Maitsolta.


Garlic planting in Sahavondronana, Ranomafana

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